CosmoCube event meet and greet highlights!!

Hello CosmoCube Blog readers,

In the opening week of the hottest must-have makeup organizer to hit the market, I got to meet some of the most gracious and experienced people in the business today. At our meet and greet today, I got to meet experienced makeup artists who have been in the field for years – using a professional array of makeup and accessories, they have revolutionized our field.

Their expertise in all things cosmetic and in fashion shed light onto the glamour of the CosmoCube. The best part was hearing everyone’s first impression: “Wow, this is big!” This is how we made it, to be big enough to accommodate a professional’s makeup set. Even for the everyday girl, the CosmoCube looks sleek in any room.

Get yours today for all your beauty essentials. This can also be the perfect GIFT for any occasion!

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Email us photos of how you styled your CosmoCube at – we would love to post about it!



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