Thank you for the love CosmoCube fans!!!

A few months we launched our very first product, the CosmoCube; needless to say, we have been busy getting the CosmoCube, CosmoCube Mini and HotCube out to our customers. The response has been amazing and we appreciate each and every one of you!

We love your feedback and we love seeing photos of how you are using your CosmoCube in your home and/or work! Keep posting!!!

For those of you that never have a place to put your hot tools, be sure to check out our newest product, the HotCube. It is perfectly designed to take the heat for all your hot tools and takes up little to no counter space. It measures 7″x7″x7”. The HotCube also come in smokey grey.


Looking forward to seeing more of your tweets, Instagram pics and other social media posts!

Till next time!


CosmoCube Team


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