Designed with love in California. 

Born in sunny Southern California, behind the flashing lights of Hollywood is where cosmetics and beauty call home.  Professional makeup artists who needed to be organized, developed CosmoCube and kept it stylish while they created the most beautiful faces the camera has ever seen! CosmoCube started as a trade secret but now is a must have tool for any cosmetic artist.

See each of your colors, shades, and brushes at a glance. The CosmoCube was created with the cosmetic artist in mind! Just as a painter wields her brush, the beautician in all of us is best when all her tools are organized and available. CosmoCube is the answer!

Used by professional beauticians across the country, looks great in a studio or CosmoCube could be the perfect gift on any occasion.

We have seen it used in so many new and creative ways. Some of our favorites are beauty, jewelry, hair, arts & crafts, nail polish, and office essentials! This sleek, good-sized organizer can be used for many essentials that need to be organized neatly, and protected while looking great at the same time. If you want to dress up your CosmoCube add BLING to it! This glamorous look is great for the style-minded décor.

We can’t wait for you to see what all the hype is about!

Your CosmoCube Team