Hi CosmoGirls ! 

Who’s ready for the weekend! 

We at CosmoCube have both hands up! 

I hope you guys are enjoying our Beautiful new edition to the CosmoCube family the Pink Edition in Collaboration with @JadeyWadey180!!  Ya’ll need to take advantage of the that promo code before we are completely sold out!! (it’s getting close) 

Today I feel like we should explain to you Loyal CosmoCube goer’s why the prices are on the higher end of things. The type of acrylic we use is called Lucite Acrylic. This is a yes a form of “plastic or Plexiglass”but the specific formula that we use gives the illusion of glass. All CosmoCubes are Hand Made that adds a little special touch to each and every CosmoCube we produce. The cost of Lucite Acrylic is more expensive then the general acrylic used by most companies that is why you can buy them for $20-$500. Somethings thats most people don’t put thought into is that these are a little heavy the average weight is about 8-16 lbs that adds to the shipping cost which we at CosmoCube have no control of. I know that sometimes it seem not feasible to invest in such a large item but the key word here is INVEST. This product is made to last you years upon years with the proper treatment and care. We at CosmoCube strive to produce the best quality products because we feel as you deserve the best and nothing less then that. I hope that I was able to clear some of the general concerns with proceeding forward with CosmoCube. 

With that being said have a Happy & Safe Weekend!!! 







I don’t know if you’ve heard but we have a new GEM that joined the family!

Our Pretty In Pink Posh Edition! It’s in special collaboration with the one and only JadeyWadey180! With special touches to separate it from the other CosmoCubes. The Pink Posh is an upgrade of it very own it has special with new handles to give it that extra BLING! We at CosmoCube are so excited to be able to give you Loyal CosmoCube family something new to play with. We also have a 20% discount code that is a little extra special gift from JadeyWadey and CosmoCube to say Thank You for the continuous support and LOVE !