What are the measurements?

See product descriptions for different styles and sizes.

What is it made out of?

Handmade in the USA with premium high quality crystal acrylic.

Is the makeup included?

Sorry dears, but it’s not.

 What is your return policy?

No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Returns. All sales are final.

What is the shipping time frame?

Allow up to 2 weeks.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, within United States, Canada, Europe, and many other countries. Please type in your address to the shipping field of the order form to see if we ship to your country! We are NOT responsible for customs and duty fees.


DO NOT USE ANY chemicals to clean your CosmoCube, it will make the acrylic cloudy, or worse, it will start crazing. We will wait… Go ahead, look it up google ‘Acrylic Crazing’. Its bad! Use a soft washcloth with a splash of water and that should remove the dirt. Otherwise, see our acrylic cleaning kit available online.

If your organizer, over time, happens to get scratched, you can use a car wax or any buffing compound to remove it.