Vented Lid for CosmoCube® Brush Holder (Vented Lid Only)


Vented Lid for CosmoCube® Brush Holder (Vented Lid Only)


COSMOCUBE BRUSH HOLDER NOT INCLUDED – Order here if you already have a CosmoCube Brush Holder or a CosmoCube Brush Holder with Beads 💎 and you just need the perfect Vented Lid. 

CosmoCube Vented Brush Holder Lid  (Patents and Trademarks belong to CosmoCube Inc. – All Rights Reserved)

💗Our Highly Anticipated Vented Lid is here!! 💗

Why is a Vented Lid so important?

Because we all know to protect our Brushes from Dust. But any moisture, such as a damp makeup brush, in an airtight container like those “other” brush holders out there, will start growing mold spores in as little as 3 hours? Ewww 🤢

CosmoCube designed the Vented Brush Holder Lid to allow enough air to ventilate your brushes without exposing them to dust and other airborne bacteria.

The CosmoCube Vented Lid is specifically designed to fit the incredibly popular CosmoCube Brush Holder. Includes a Crystal Ball Handle so that even in a rush, your Brushes are Safe, Clean, and Organized in Style.

*Makeup Brushes Not Included


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 8 in